Scoring Projects:
These are two scoring projects I undertook with my friends Steven Drozd of
The Flaming Lips and drummer Scott Amendola for, a secular
organization dedicated to a modern interpretation of Jewish thought and
tradition. These are silent movies we scored together while never actually
being in the same place at the same time.

Here’s the link to The Ten Commandments

And here’s the one for The Golem

Bands that I have been part of:

Diamond Rugs
Here’s two records I made with a group of musicians gathered by
John McCauley of Deer Tick that included Ian St Pe of The Black Lips and
Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate.
We had a ball making these as you can tell.

1st Record- Diamond Rugs

2nd Record- Cosmetics

The Flesheaters
Here’s a unique band i was part of in the early 80’s and once again in 2019
led by singer/songwriter Chris D that also featured John Doe and Don
Bonebreak of X and Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman from The Blasters.

1st Record- A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die

2nd Record- I Used To Be Pretty